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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Your irony won't stop Me

Since I broke up with my ex and moved back to El Salvador, I've been more focused on fitness. I've always been passionate about the subject. And I still can't believe how I did let myself go. I used to be thin, not really fit, but thin, but always wanted to get fit. But, thanks to a abusive relationship, I couldn't make this dream a reality.

Now I have the chance to really focus on what I want. Whenever I have a free time at work, I look for pics of my favorite figure competitor, Dana Linn Bailey. She is participating on the Olympia. This year they will have for the first time a Figure category competition, and I am for sure looking forward to see Dana being the first woman in Mr. Olympia history to win.
Dana Linn Bailey

I don't want to be like Dana though, I just admire her charisma and motivation. Who follows her on Instagram and Youtube will understand, I'm much more into Bikini competition for myself. I am too tiny, I don't know if there are women with the same height as me doing figure either... I'm 4'11" or 150cm FYI.
Bikini competitor. It's much more feminine and doll like
I personally think Bikini competition is like a competition for fit Barbies, and since my boobs are natural, which is difficult to find natural boobs in this category, I think I have a extra point ;D

So, since last week, I've set up goals, took pictures and wrote down my measurements and started going twice a day to the gym. My workout routine is morning for weights and machines, and evening for cardio. I haven't being doing very well my routine plan, but I didn't miss any day of this week and I am very proud of it. I've set up a goal. and I am reaching towards it.

But is sad that in this world there are people to put you down. Here where I am currently living, every time I speak about lifting weight to my roommate(I don't want to give names, in fact she is helping me with having a place to sleep and food) I feel irony coming from her. And I get even more in the morning time. Every day I am trying to wake up around 4:00am to get ready and be at the gym at 5am. The days this week I couldn't make it she asks me with a voice filled of irony and victory(victory for what I don't know) why no gym in the morning. It's my first week since I changed my work out routine, so I need to take it easy, and two days I couldn't go in the morning this week because my legs were in pain, but I did go in the evening. The funny thing is that when I get home from the gym really early she won't speak to me.She pays to go to the gym and she never goes, so is her problem if she doesn't have any gains from her workout. If I don't go in the morning, I;ll go in the evening and work my ass off. Plus I walk 15 minutes on a hill like road to get there. She gets her car to go to her gym. The only thing I know is that I am dedicated myself and being very disciplined with my diet and I'm already seeing gains. I fight for what I really want. I want to someday be at one of those NPC Bikini competitions, had been my dream for a while now.

That's me last night. Shorty, fatty and sweaty. I don't even look like how I used to be three years ago :(

Me three years ago in a photo shoot for Flawless Vixen. Instead of sobbing and complaining, I drifted to fight to be back in shape, and maybe in even better shape.

People should really care about their lives and leave the ones trying to be successful alone. I don't say anything when she doesn't go to the gym - it has been more than 4 weeks by now, so why does she needs to say something about my workout?

This post is dedicated to anyone struggling by people who want to smash their dream. If you already started working for it, like me, don't let these people kill your dream. Also in my family no one supports any of my dreams. I've wanted to be so many things in the past, and nobody gave me any support and I ended up giving up. But from fitness, I ain't giving up!